​​​DC Campbell
He directed the Workers’ Compensation Research and Evaluation Group in Texas for ten years. He spent more than twenty years conducting, managing, and directing research projects on workers’ compensation medical costs, pharmaceutical utilization trends, health-care network results, employer participation, and return-to-work patterns. He also worked on US Department of Labor teams to develop work-place best practices for drug reduction, and improved stay-at-work rates. Campbell is currently the VP for a health care network, engaged in developing telemedicine delivery processes. As a Marine veteran, he has studied at the University of Maryland and the University of Hawaii. He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science and a master’s degree in Economics.
David Lynch
He is a Senior Research Analyst, with more than twenty years analyzing a wide range of data, including hospital, Medicaid, mental health, general health, newborn, and education. He also served as Project Manager for the Texas neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). For four years, Mr. Lynch managed the collection, review, and analysis of the annual survey of of 600 hospitals. He has written for the Austin Chronicle and the Austin American Statesman. He completed his academic studies in psychology and research design, graduate statistics, and anthropology. He attended Miami University, University of Toledo, and earned a master’s degree at the University of Texas, Austin.
Dr. Joseph Naraguma
He is a data scientist with extensive data mining and big-data frame work development. His sophisticated analytics have benefited such giants as Dell, IBM, Cisco, and the SAS Institute. His advanced specialties include forecasting, pattern discovery, evaluation of predictive and macro-economic factors, as well as statistical modeling for education sectors, health care and insurance companies. His data-driven methodologies identify internal business efficiencies and help develop impactful marketing strategies. Dr. Naraguma has a PhD in Applied Statistics from the University of Arkansas.
Dr. Soon Choi
He earned his PhD in Economics from the prestigious Department of Economics at the University of Texas, Austin. He served for ten years as the Senior Researcher at the Texas Workers’ Compensation Research and Evaluation Group, applying advanced quantitative tools to successfully complete dozens of major research projects on the workers’ compensation system. Among those, studies on medical cost and utilization, access to medical care, impact of the Texas pharmacy closed formulary, opioids and compounded drugs, as well as employer costs and efficiencies. Dr. Choi’s diverse research interests include internet commerce, about which he has written an impressive list of published articles and two textbooks in five languages. He has presented research findings at conferences across the country, and as far as Japan and South Korea.

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